Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morland Brewing - Hen's Tooth Pale Ale

Bottle-brewed Beauty.

Morland Brewery in Suffolk are the authors of this fine bottle-fermented English Pale Ale. This pours copper-orange in the glass with just a bit of lacing at the top and a touch of sediment on the bottom, this brew is a delight to the eyes as well as presenting a pleasant yeast-and-honey nose. On the tongue it's nicely hoppy with flavors of grapefruit and unripe pears. Malty caramel-like overtones dissipate into a robust bitter finish of lemon rind and dates. Maybe just a tad "skunked" from the clear bottle, this one's still very smooth and refreshing. I'm curious now about its sibling "Old Speckled Hen" and will see about an assignation in the future. I'd have a pint of this with toasted Cheddar on a heavy Rye with crisp pickled carrots on the side.

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