Friday, July 24, 2009

Wells & Young's - Young's Special London Ale

Perfect Balance.

Wells & Young's are the purveyors of this marvelous bottle-conditioned Real Ale*. Pouring a deep golden-brown, this beer has a thick creamy head that persists for some time. To the nose there's a hint of roasted almonds and honey. This is easily one of the most balanced beers I have ever tasted! On the tongue, it's all creamy malt with a luscious mouthfeel supported by a spicy/earthy backbone of Goldings hops. This ale is a multidimensional flavor treat. There are hints of figs, quince, pumpkin and savory smoke. The finish is a slightly bitter sweetness that doesn't linger. This is definitely near the top of my "all-time best beer" list! Harder to find "this side of the pond", this is well worth seeking out. I'd pair this with a good Prime Rib, gravy and Red Potatos with herbed butter.

*For more about Real Ale, visit CAMRA.

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Carbon111 said...

Sadly, I've just been informed Wells & Young have discontinued importing this to the US. :(