Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Samuel Smith's - Old Brewery Pale Ale

Ale's the thing...

Samuel Smith's brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire was established in 1758 and still brews beer the old way, though it would be nice if they gave the 21st century the nod with a website. Today I'm drinking their Old Brewery Pale Ale, a clear coppery amber with a thin, ephemeral head. The nose has notes of caramel and banana with just a hint of floral hops. On the tongue this beer is a refreshing, medium-bitter tang with lots of strong biscuity malt and a nice, tactile carbonation. The finish is only very mildly bitter and fades to a pleasant malty tartness rather quickly. This one is a great easy-drinking English-style Pale Ale with enough unique character to make it an attractive choice when the mood for something less astringent than an IPA but bolder than a Pilsner strikes. I'd drink this with sweet sausage, garlic-mashed potatoes and red cabbage slaw.

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